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  • Posture Of
  • Posture Of
  • Posture Of

Posture Of

That strengthen your least once muscular and whatever problem yaşamaktadır.sebeb about the skeletal system will affect the issues of the quality of life of individuals adversely muscle and joint pain, the reasons olmaktedır.pilates exercise of the stress without creating the joint muscles in his life 99` out of every 100 people on earth, knee , hip and shoulder joints are very etkilidir.kas your injury occurred in the rehabilitation Malaria stronger joint action increases your burden will decrease your ability, your pain is reduced.

Pilates exercises are the backbone focused, in a balanced way strengthening the muscles that support the spine, observe your posture is seen form düzeltir.pilates system our odaklanır.pilates trainers to troubled regions to analyze your body to be able to move in the most effective way to identify weak and strained muscle groups and the program work effectively to ensure my balance creates.

Based on the spine discomfort and your doctor diagnose put in joint problems, your doctor has special training in consultation with Pilates movement for the etmekteyiz.
Rehabilitasyo gerektirir.stüdyo you çalışabal safely accompanied by our expert instructors have been trained in this regard.

  • Knee, hip, shoulder joint wrist problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Skalyoz
  • Fibromyalgia
  • The backbone of disease are
  • Discopathy and (waist, neck hernia)
  • Sipondilolisteziz Lysis
  • Narrow spinal canal
  • Facet joint problems
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and piriformis syndrome