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Pilates and Rehabilitation

8 out of every 10 people, a period of life, skeletal and muscular system remains under the influence of problem.


The spine is properly used, as a defective body balance: posture, long thick to fit in the wrong position or constantly repeated movements in this position; muscle tension, fatigue and stress, leads to painful muscle spasms. In person as a result of back and neck pain complaints arise.

Rehabilitation can be defined as function of the body to regain the lost or missing. In rehabilitation, disease or injury results from people who have lost some body functions, using the best of the available capacity it is intended to make the body function at the highest level to make.

The most important factor is the effectiveness of the Pilates method in rehabilitation area separating from other exercise methods. Run muscle group in the body in which you run the Pilates exercises, running evenly balanced and the muscles surrounding the spine during important that exercise is seen as the first rule. So the whole exercise is focused on the spine. In our studio, especially the spine are given training on health: the mobilization is necessary to have a healthy spine and emphasis is placed on strengthening the spine.

All of our instructors are trained, fully equipped degeneration occurring on the spine and is highly experienced in the elimination of this problem. Pilates for the treatment of poor posture, flexibility and balance in the development of winning can be effectively used in injury rehabilitation.

Degeneration of the spine:

• Nerve symptoms
• The disc damage
• Dejeneratifndisk disease
• spondylolisthesis
• Spondiloliz
• Spinal stenosis
• Artirits
• degenerative joint discomfort
• scoliosis
• Shoulder, Hip and knee joint problems
• osteoporosis (bone resorption)

As well as the mobilization of the spine and joint problems and to improve the quality of your everyday life with the stabilization work and we serve more as a comfortable everyday life Baps riding instructors will allow you to work with.

All work that puts your doctor after diagnosis is made in accordance with his instructions and suggestions.

Pilates Rehabilitation after

Person is born or made for any reason, lost their permanent or temporary inability sometimes to treat determining the functional capacity that is limited, psychological, called rehabilitation to ensure independent state in social and professional aspects of supporting everyday life.

Pilates role in rehabilitation; physical therapists, many injuries, spinal disorders and agreed to Pilates as one of the most successful method for treating joint diseases. However Rehabilitation Pilates is not just limited to orthopedics and spine health, neurological problems (MS) in people with chronic pain (fibromyalgia), menopause, osteoporosis, before and after pregnancy, performance issues, and helps in the treatment process arthritis pain and other movement disorders.

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