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Pilates Principles

None of Pilates Principles
Although Joseph entered with the principles of the Pilates method specifically for these principles, pages and pages of text from the film footage from the archives and other material removed from the pages of writing clearly.
Pilates, depending on the school, a list of these principles, and ways in which they offer vary slightly; however breathing, concentration, center, control, precision and smooth motion is a list of many of the main shape of the Pilates approach and among principles generally accepted as the basis of the system.
1. Breathing: Although the equal importance of all the principles, the importance of breathing and its many contents can be monitored beyond the essential and important role in respiration. This vision includes some of the main approaches to the study of Pilates, but definitely does not cover all of them. In this context, respiration; such as the power center of the fuel motor fuel described as Pilates. As agreed by Joseph Pilates, the body, mind and spirit shown in the structure. From this perspective as a common point to all main purpose respiratory -a sense dikili- all serve each other. One of the muscles needed for breathing life itself is the only bird in the key -Hayat kaslarıdır- skeletal and respiratory breathing bag. To understand the underlying respiratory anatomy may facilitate optimal use of breathing. Because of the complexity of the anatomical development related to breathing, breathing will be understood more deeply later in this chapter.
2. Concentration: Konsantrasyontek not be defined as a note directly to object, in this case Pilates is activated. Pilates exercises intention of implementing the rate given the current ability to be able to play the hand correctly. This concentrate requires. Begin each exercise with focus points of the mental checklist. Conscious breathing pattern and work the muscles to come for a few seconds or a minute situation even can even take two minutes. Exercise your body`s posture and concentrate to obtain the correct position and status. Obtain mental concentration during Seyans.
3. Central: many can have different meaning central concept. First it is associated with the body`s center of gravity. The body`s center of gravity every practical point-it`s equally one can get to a point where the body`s weight and balance of the suspension is dispersed in all directions completely give. It was built in a different way each person`s own personal center of gravity. How it feels to exercise clearly where the center of gravity would be difficult or easy to reach and influence to achieve. However, the lack of flexibility exercise in a person who spread false fail will fail. Body weight distribution and the structure of the human body`s lack of success has nothing to do more. The average weight of a human arms standing in the center of 55 percent of the height of the human side, is exactly in front of the second coccyx. However, significant changes can be monitored as well as between cells. The center also is associated with core and core muscles. Part 2 will be discussed in more depth in this pilates as a power center to discuss the matter. The center also revealed the whole movement has the same meaning as the more unusual feeling of endless energy balance.
4. Control: Control acceptable application order of actions performed. Control of natural discussed, mastery is the ability to disapprove them. When applying for the first time an exercise of one, man or woman must use the control in every way but talent will increase more refined control. You can see that far from showing a high degree of performance difference between using the motion control mechanism and use people person. High level of control; ıklıkl less and less mistakes, exactly level, better coordination, better balance and more than one attempt more than exercise the ability of spending less effort, and control were the getirir.raf to avoid unnecessary muscle tension, which is more refined power programs for development As gegrinlik and flexibility requires great practice made necessary devoted to the development of the main muscles. This practice also allows the genius that power the engine work less carefully make adjustments to the program so that attention only minutes when need be and can be used to fine details.
5. Precision: Precision is the key that separates many other Pilates exercise system. Exactly the way it described as precision motion uygunlan. Often this exercise in itself is not very different from other exercise regimen implementation style is different. The accuracy of anatomical knowledge would aim to achieve a widely sensitivity. You`ll understand what muscles it works or should work. BODY way to bring into line the right and you will understand the purpose of the exercise. Greater precision is obtained and derived great benefit from more objective sensitivity during exercise, ending learning process and should be applied in the Pilates approach to movement is the key to verify. Sensitivity isolated active muscular and also associated with the combination of the necessary muscle to move. Sensitivity to achieve the purpose and inaccessible between a muscle and can cause differences in the access or not.
6. Fluid movement: the struggle is the main feature of smooth movement. Fluid motion, without interrupting the movement could be described as done properly. Rome Kryzanowska Pilates method in the `fluid movement out from a strong center` `as defined. Flowing movements, deep understanding of the movement and requires the cooperation of certain muscle movements and proper timing. Ath the practice`s professionalism movement evolves, it will be smooth every move and every seyans. Some of the more esoteric approach also supports a smooth motion. This statement, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi`s` mental focus smooth movement of people, activity and development of fully intend to mobilize the emotions that have been successful man is the embodiment of the state, `` the statement was copied.
This should be considered when applying six principles of exercise and daily activities in this book. The common denominator of these six principles, each combination of physical and mental occurs. These elements are connected with a wide range of body and mind, and this book allows you to understand the anatomical structure will have an impact on your life. These principles apply to each person is an individual path of life and the practice of Pilates. For example, a human; Pilates improve athletic performance, it can highlight the more physical perspectives to improve or develop self-injury muscle. Another human mental perspective by emphasizing to reduce stress or can use from Pilates to improve concentration and focus in his life. Important issues of the implementation of each exercise here and that the steps shown in this book of the system is nothing more than a careless imitation, the rather exercise current, depending on your physical and mental consciousness how to do and focus on teaching how to apply these six principles.

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