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What is Pilates?

Pilates accepted all over the world is based rehabilitation physiotherapy.


Pilates is not just an exercise. Pilates only a random selection of special motion is not. Pilates physical strength, improve flexibility and coordination and also reduces stress, strengthens and nourishes mental focus, physical and mental condition of the system is a well-developed senses.

Before the explosion of the Pilates Anatomy, it was important to take note of the many different approaches to advanced systems.

Joseph Stott accepts the focal point as the basic training methods to improve Pilates Pilates performance is the most effective Pilates method for rehabilitating muscles and spine.

Stott Pilates in exercise applied movements take the normal shape of the spine and is designed to increase the muscle strength around the joint.

Management of private and group lessons with experienced teacher issues Reformer Pilates Mat Pilates, Medical Pilates, Pilates for pregnant women, for elderly Pilates, Pilates Rehabilitatiff are given courses like cardio Pilates.

Pilates Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born during the First World War was seriously injured in the war in Germany or bodies of soldiers which have a major contribution to the operation and recovery to lose their function.

Pilates Nedir?